Genres of Thought
A larp by @jekagames for 4-6 players and 1 gamemaster
In this game, players act out scenes where they behave according to an assigned movie genre, and between these scenes, have discussions based on a prompt. Your group should play about 3-5 rounds of this game in a session, but feel free to play more rounds if you're having a good time.

As the gamemaster, your responsibilities are to communicate information to players secretly, narrate the world that they are acting upon (describing objects, locations, and events), decide when to cut each round, and facilitate the discussion period between each round. After the discussion each round, use the button below to re-roll the information for the next round

Players are responsible for acting out scenes together based on the information they are provided by the gamemaster and while trying to fulfill their objectives. In between rounds, the players and gamemaster engage in a discussion inspired by a prompt.

Players should act the way that they would if they were in a movie of the genre provided, with awareness of the horizon of expectations of these films. Feel free to play supporting roles in the scene.

The "Yes, and..." Rule: You should accept and integrate other players' ideas on stage. If they say that a certain event has occurred, or that you are in a certain location, you should build on that idea.

The gamemaster will roll the information for the round by pressing the button below. Decide as a group which player will be assigned the odd genre out -- you may decide based on discussion or via chance. The gamemaster will secretly provide (either via text message, on a piece of paper, by showing them the appropriate part of their screen, or by whispering) players with the movie genre they are in, and, in the case of the player with the odd genre out, their personal movie genre and their secret objective. Save the prompt for the discussion between rounds.

Two players will start the scene. Which two players can be determined by chance, or by taking volunteers. Other players can jump in or out of the scene. The players will set up their own scene, and the gamemaster will occasionally help describe occurrences in the scene that are independent of the characters. The gamemaster will cut the scene when they feel it is appropriate to do so.

Between each round, the gamemaster and players engage in a sincere discussion about a prompt. There is no rule for how long this discussion should be, but there should be a general consensus that it's time to move on. After the last round, you may choose to have a larger discussion about systems of thought and the horizons of expectations that they build. To a person with a hammer, does everything indeed look like a nail?

REMEMBER, you are playing with and for each other, not for an audience, so play to please yourselves. Alternatively, if you WOULD like to play for an audience, the Gamemaster should act as the "CAMERA" for the scene, helping to direct the focus toward specific characters using their arms as a "frame," and reframing the focus when they feel it is appropriate or narratively interesting.

Click the button to roll genres, objectives and the prompt for this round. Scroll down to see the results.

You may have to reroll multiple times to ensure that the same genres, objectives, and prompts are not accidentally repeated across rounds.